Monday, February 11, 2013

Pine in Amsterdam.

JACK Spotted at the Rembrandt Plien 

JACK PINE looking smug in Amsterdam..

I should have posted these two images ahead of the Taj....but I didn't. Amsterdam was great, I love that city. I think I have a dutch spirit or something. I had some fun getting comfortable with Jack before hitting India. Truth be told, you could dress like a monkey in Amsterdam and nobody would bat an eye, so it's the perfect place to go in drag. I went to the original Bulldog Coffeehouse on the edge of the red light district. I was there back in 1980 when the crazy dude in the Mickey Mouse hat and the painted teeth created the mural that still greets you as you walk up to the front door. I saw pictures of him in his hat on the wall just inside the front door. He's dead now. To bad I would have loved to reconnected with him.

JACK wrestling for a rifle with a Dutch soldier. JACK kicked his ass.
PINE acting cool in a Dutch alley.

The best way to see Amsterdam is by foot, grab a map and go out and get lost. The trams are awesome as well, a daily pass is cheap and very handy if you want to make a few miles in a day. 

I hope to back in Amsterdam this summer for a friends 50th Birthday. He has rented a barge on one of the canals and plans on blowing the roof off end of July...hope to be there to help out. Axes come in real handy when shit is being blown up. 

With love

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  1. I LOVE these pics. I see you fitting right in there my friend.


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