Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walrus Gala Toronto

Encaustic work fetches $7500.00 at Walrus Gala

Blanket III

Last night I attended the Walrus Magazine 10 anniversary Gala in Toronto. Many familiar faces in the room, everybody you can imagine from the CBC..Gian Gomeshi, Stuart McLean  Amanda Lang ....Also many of Canadas top CEO's and board members. I was lucky enough to sit beside the charming writer/publisher/Canada Council board member Anna Porter. What an amazing event! Great food and wonderful entertainment. Last fall the Walrus approached me for a donation to their silent auction to which I obliged. I donated Blanket III to their cause which supports art and artists in Canada. The piece was offered in a silent auction and fetched $7500.00. Not to shabby!!

Next stop Amsterdam and then off to Delhi.

Detail of Blanket III


  1. WOW
    Congratulations Jeff! What an achievement - and what a fantastic place for this amazing piece of work to NOT GO UN-NOTICED!!!
    Safe journey... Love you my brother xoxoxo

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