Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Louis Riel

 A few of my Louis Riel inspired art pieces

Metis Spirit
Mixed Media
38 x 86 inches

The Heritic (Louis in front of a Bible cover)
Mixed Media
48 x 52 inches

Two Minutes for Interference, Five Minutes for Fighting and Death for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
Mixed Media Cabinet c/w drawer filled with earth from Batoché
16 x 20 inches (closed)

Louis Box
Mixed Media Cabinet c/w drawer filled with earth from Batoché
16 x 20 inches (closed)

Study for Two Minutes
Mixed Media on Panel
10 x 16 inches

Study for Louis Box
Mixed Media on Panel
8 x 10 inches

The Opposition
Mixed Media Cabinet
16 x 22 inches (closed)

Acrylic on Canvas
50 x 54 inches

The John
Mixed Media Cabinet
8 x 24 inches (closed)
Study for The John
Mixed Media
10 x 12 inches

I threw in a couple of my Sir John A Macdonald pieces for contrast. I usually show Louis and John together at an exhibition.
These are a few samples of work created with Louis Riel as the subject matter. The fact that he stood up to the man, against all odds, I believe is the main reason for my fascination with Louis Riel. I see him as our Ché Guevara.  My work focuses on history and cultural traits. Clothing, architecture, ethnicity, spirituality and religion, history, politics and social rituals are at the core of my practice.

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