Thursday, September 20, 2012

Horizontal Flag in progress

A few images of my artistic journey

That's a cabinet scrape sitting on the flag, I scrape the surface after I've coated the entire piece.

Detail of the surface that I like to work on...chunky and rugged.

I use a string to get my lines. My reference is a very crappy photo I took of an old flag that hangs at the door of my studio.

Starting to add colour...

Blocking in the four main colours.

Starting to add the subtleties. There are a number of different kinds of line in the piece, It's really important that the lines are correct or the piece won't work. 
The finished work
60 x 38 inches
Encaustic on panel

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Jeff Molloy - Mixed media painting and assemblage

Jeff Molloy is a farmer of art.He creates multidimensional,
multi sensory works that bring emotion to the people who experience them,
and energy to the spaces they inhabit.