Sunday, February 2, 2014

Made With Real Maple Syrup

Jules and I had so much fun creating this 3 minute piece, Made With Real Maple Syrup. It started out as a kind of efolio for a submission but in the end wasn't used. The best part of the project was working artistically with my son, who has become quite a creative force in his own right....wonderful to witness. Some of the work isn't funny but how we choose to stage the piece had us giggling like school kids. The piece is actually three parodies, Gerhard Richter Painting, Andy Warhol - Man Ray Video and Banksy (Exit Through the Giftshop). Hope you enjoy it.

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Jeff Molloy - Mixed media painting and assemblage

Jeff Molloy is a farmer of art.He creates multidimensional,
multi sensory works that bring emotion to the people who experience them,
and energy to the spaces they inhabit.