Sunday, October 27, 2013

Upcoming exhibition - A SIMPLE LIFE - opens Dec 5th

Dec 3rd - 18th, Winchester Gallery 2260 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC

Reception Dec 5th, 6 - 8 PM

"We have wandered so far from the land. In a couple of generations we have gone from a relatively simple existence to a life of consumption and disconnection".

Making Hay
Mixed Media on Blanket
48"w x 40"h

Crazy Horse 44"w x 86"h

The Homesteader - The Red Ensign - The Voyager

The Good Book
Mixed Media Assemblage
52"w x 40"h (open)

Don't Fence Me In
Mixed Media Assemblage
66"w x 44"h

The Homesteaders
Mixed Media Assemblage
44"w x 60"h

The Hay Wagon
Mixed Media on Blanket
48"w x 40"h

Golden Stack
Mixed Media on Blanket
48"w x 40"h

Wagon Wheel
Mixed Media on Blanket
48"w x 40"h

Two Stacks
Mixed Media on Blanket
48"w x 40"h

Three Stacks
Mixed Media on Blanket
48"w x 40"h

The Toques and Chocolate Moose

The Treaty Medals

3 - Altars (size of a shoe box)

This latest series honours our heritage while raising questions about our future. 
In May 2012, while driving to Toronto, I explored a Saskatchewan homestead with a descendant of its early settler family. This once wild prairie, just 30 kilometres outside Val Marie, abuts Grasslands National Park. It is where heaven meets earth. A Simple Life was conceived as I wandered the homestead, now a bone yard of old wagons and sleighs laden with rusting hardware, weathered and rotting into the rich soil. I utilizes this hardware in many of the pieces contained in this body of work.
In the midst of making A Simple Life, I travelled to Cambodia where I photographed more than 300 haystacks.  Spending time in the Cambodian countryside was like going back in my mind I was on the Canadian prairies a hundred years ago .
Both the prairie-based assemblages and the encaustic/mixed media haystacks pay homage to a much simpler time. I'd like to think that this work offers viewers a little peace and quiet...a chance to reflect on a less complicated time. Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply

Jeff's works are sly love letters to Canada - quirky, capricious, frank, and thought provoking.
His dream-like images probe this country’s soul. ”

Charles Pachter

Detail of Wagon Wheel

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Jeff Molloy - Mixed media painting and assemblage

Jeff Molloy is a farmer of art.He creates multidimensional,
multi sensory works that bring emotion to the people who experience them,
and energy to the spaces they inhabit.