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The Adventures of Jack Pine

The Adventures of Jack Pine
Winchester Gallery
2260 Oak Bay Ave
Dec 6th -19, 2012
Opening reception Dec 6th 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Jeff's works are sly love letters to Canada - quirky, capricious, frank, and thought provoking.
His dream-like images probe this country’s soul”

Charles Pachter  

Article in Boulevard Magazines December issue.

My latest show, The Adventures of JACK PINE, has its roots in Canadian lore. Old canoe paddles, the hockey sweater, historical flags, and the blankets tell Canada’s rugged northern story in compelling colour and dimensions.

The title, JACK PINE, derived from the infamous Tom Thomson painting, is a national personification of how we view ourselves. More than just landscapes this work provides a different interpretation of Canada by presenting the viewer with images and cultural objects that have preconceived personal meaning. The work is underscored with a deep sense of social and historical commentary, with a light touch of iconoclastic humour thrown into the mix.

The Blanket
38 x 86 inches
Encaustic on Panel

Prairie Winds
Mixed Media Assemblage
66 x 48 inches

Gathering Storm
42 x 48 inches
Encaustic on Panel

All Apologies
Mixed Media Assemblage
62 x 52 inches

Coast to Coast
54 x 36 inches
Encaustic on Panel

Moose Factory
48 x 42 inches
Encaustic on Panel

The Flag
68 x 38 inches
Encaustic on Panel

Daybreak on the Lake
Mixed Media Assemblage
48 x 36 inches

My Paddle
Mixed Media Assemblage
8 x 60 inches

Metis Spirit
Mixed Media Assemblage
38 x 86 inches

The Hockey Sweater
20 x 42 inches
Encaustic on Panel

Vanishing Buffalo
Encaustic/ Mixed Media
48 x 60 inches
Encaustic Bird Sculpture
Approx 12 inches tall
Burnt wood and logging nails
Approx 12 inches tall

The Red Frontier
38 x 84 inches
Encaustic on Panel

The Spirit Remains
Photo Transfer onto Buffalo Skull 

The Johns
8 x 10 inches
Mixed Media on Panel

The Olden Days - Small Church Sketches
8 x 8 inches and 10 x 6.5 inches
Oil on panel, framed to look like the olden days.

I have long been fascinated with Canadian history and culture. This thread can be traced back to my 1999 solo show in Toronto titled FIBRE OF A NATION that featured point blankets and hockey sweaters. This comes on the heals of a successful exhibition in Toronto this past summer called Due North. 

Read about this amazing adventure - 

 Mia Johnson of Preview Magazine describes me as a Canadian artist whose work “focuses on the cultural symbols of Canada.”

Gregory Scofield, one of Canada’s leading aboriginal writers describes my work as very powerful medicine that captures the spirit.”

Avid collector Shelagh Rogers had this to say..
Jeff Molloy's work has been capturing the spirit of Canada long before the rest of the world caught on during the Olympics. His paintings are pointed, often funny, and always make you think. He is one of this country's leading editorial artists. Jeff Molloy is one of the most original artists at work in Canada today”.
Shelagh Rogers, CBC Radio One

These life-sized encaustic ‘point blanket’ paintings signify far more than a warm covering to protect us from the cold. These blankets are the woolly essence of Canada. They hint of wood smoke and weary trappers, of exploration and exploitation, canoes and commerce, the history of a people and the making of a nation. 

Watch for the article in the December Boulevard Magazine and listen for the interview with Sheryl MacKay on CBC's North by Northwest, December 1st!

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